I can't tell you to remember me but I can't bare for you to forget me. . .




This is the woman who did the voice of Mary/Maria in Silent Hill 2. For the Silent Hill Collection, if you aren’t aware, there is a controversy surrounding the fact that the people behind this project aren’t using the original voices of Guy Cihi (James Sunderland) or the rest of the cast, and they are using different voices that don’t reflect the personalities of these characters. If you are a true fan of the series, then you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say that this status shows there might be a small ray of hope left in this whole debacle. Go to your Facebook and friend her, and friend Guy Cihi while you’re at it. They are awesome people to befriend anyway. It’s the closest thing to having a real life connection to James, Mary, and Maria you can get. :) 

Spread the word to all of your diehard Silent Hill fans!

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